Laura McClure

Award-winning magazine journalist and digital editor.

+1 (415) 425-2000

LAURA MCCLURE is an award-winning magazine journalist and digital editor based in Washington D.C. As a writer and editor, she has reported on the future of everything from toy design to the Congo for IDEO, Mother Jones, The Atlantic, Salon, The Huffington Post, and Edutopia magazine. As a speaker and instructor, Laura has covered digital media trends and nonfiction writing at SXSW Interactive, Stanford University, USC Annenberg, UC Berkeley, the International Reporters and Editors Conference, the SPJ Journalism Innovations II Conference, the Roosevelt Institute, and the fabulous San Francisco Writers Grotto. She is a member of the Grotto, ASJA, and IRE.

Laura is also a former International Reporting Project Editor (Liberia), Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Togo), and alumna of Carnegie Mellon University. She is currently booked through early 2015.